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Our Principal Business as Follows:

  • Making contracts of construction and maintenance.
  • Supplying materials and equipment associated with company's work.
  • Laying and maintenance oil and gas pipe lines.
  • Erecting and maintenance oil and gas tanks.
  • Lease equipment and tools associated with company's work.
  • Undertake civil, electrical and mechanical maintenance works.
  • Oil wells drilling.
  • Water wells drilling.
  • Erecting, maintenance and extending power and telephone lines.
  • Erecting and maintenance of power and telephone towers.
  • Building and pavement of roads and bridges.
  • Construction and maintenance of airports.
  • Construction and maintenance of seaports.
  • Undertake civil, electrical, mechanical and electronic construction works.

We Specialize in The Following Fields:

  • Civil constructions
  • Oil services
  • Rental of equipments for civil constructions
  • Supply of manpower
  • Supply of materials
  • Supply of fly camps and main camps
  • Logistic services
  • Arranging accommodation, visas and other related services.

ACCO render the following services:

Supplying and hiring Equipments, Tools and Machinery (cranes, water and fuel tanks, wheel loaders,…etc). Site preparation, Site camp (land preparation, accommodations containers, office containers with water, sewage and electricity facilities and desert camp. Supplying Materials (safety & fire fighting system, provisions, water for human consumption and industrial usage, electrical tool and accessories, workshop tools and accessories, safety equipments, electrical motors and generators,…etc. Inland Transportation . Logistic services.
We can do the following
Supply of materials from local as well as foreign sources including:
Construction material. Consumables. Furniture and office requirements. Safety and fire fighting systems. Uniforms and footwear. Water for human consumption as well as for industrial usage. Livestock and dairy products. Supply of prefab offices and residential accommodation.
Construction of office premises and provisional accommodation for workers installation of prefab houses. Erection of steel structures and steel.


Supply and rent of Construction tools and accessories, Hiring any kind of Electrical tools, Woodshop tools, Safety equipment and work uniforms Furniture for offices and residential accommodation. Electrical generators.
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Construction tools and accessories Hiring any kind of construction machinery (wheel loaders, dozers, crawlers, cranes & lifting equipment’s, trucks, tanks for water/ fuel, etc.. ).
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Inland transportation is one of the core activities of ACCO, door-to-door services We transport cargo to and from every site and destination in Libya. Our Vehicles are subject to highest level of maintenance and safety standards.
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